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You poor people. I was never officially diagnosed but I had something and it looked like “it,” I didn’t even want to say it the idea is so horrible.   I had a friend who had them and I took rides in her car and petted her dog, Couldn’t sleep, itch, burn, did salt-water bath, sulfur cream, rubbed on cayenne, bleach, everything.   I walked around with sulfur cream goop on my stomach with a plastic bag taped over it so it wouldn’t ruin my clothes, which it did anyway.  Steamroom, sauna, epsom salt bath. They are incredibly resistant and build more resistances all the time.  The prescription meds I read about sound like they will leave you a quivering idiot from neurotoxicity and they still might not even work.

Some things seemed to slow them down a little but they always had the upper hand.  Your life is on hold while you are miserable 24/7. At last I found the hope, taking bits a pieces from lots of research. Skin starting to look/feel normal.

I have linked my Amazon Associates links to some of the products I personally use, so I get a few bucks if you buy it that way.  You might find other brands of the same thing that work better, please report what you find out.  I’m not doing this to make money, though that would be nice, but to share what I have found about curing this awful affliction.

1. Take sulfur soap showers daily, slather good brand soap (here’s what I used) on thick then leave it there as long as you can.  Let it dry on your skin while you do your housework or something. No sense washing off high quality sulfur. If you need to go to work and think it smells leave it on at least 20 minutes, shave, brush your teeth, whatever, then rinse off.  DON’T FORGET YOUR HAIR AND SCALP. Scrub it in good. You have to assume they are everywhere.  Take a loofah to your skin and put in some elbow grease.  Scrub hard behind your ears, inside your ears, and hairline at base of scalp.

After I am completely clear I am planning on sticking to the sulfur soap scrubs, as it seems just a generally healthy thing to do.  It has been used since Roman times for general skin cleanliness and health.   Look for the things the doctors don’t tell you.

2.  Now the good part.  Get a hair dryer, one that produces a point of heat that can burn you. If you can feel it, so can they. If you are burning they are dying. If your hair dryer doesn’t give you a point where you say OUCH! you need to get one that does. I got a 1875 watt Revlon from the Walgreens,  which is a good amount of watts.  Practice getting that hot point on your problem areas so you are just short of scalding yourself. Move it around in small circles, and back and forth.  Be tough, it needs to be hot.  Your skin will recover. They won’t.

They seem to have become resistant to most chemistry except the things that will do a number on you too.  So what you are doing is using raw physical heat.  It’s a pain to go over your skin, where ever there is blotches, bites or itch, with heat that might bring tears to your eyes, but that’s what works.  You’ll feel the difference right away.  Where there is itch you might see brown spots forming as you give it the heat, where they are down there dying.  Anytime you feel an itch, hit it with heat and hit it hard.  I even plugged in the heat gun next to my bed and when I felt that squirmy feeling starting, zapped the whole area good.  It stopped and I slept like a baby.

3. Put fine quality neem oil on problem areas, a few times a day. You can kill them but eggs might survive, and neem is the only thing in many centuries which interrupts the reproduction cycle, that they have not built a resistance to.  Neem is what they use in India where not everyone has thousands of dollars to pay doctors.  If you don’t hit the reproductive cycle, you’ll never win.  This is the kind I used, at my amazon associates link:


The quality makes a difference, you can try other brands but this worked for me.

4. Wash and clean sheets blankets and clothing constantly, and sleep with D.E. on your sheets and pillows, and in your blankets. This lays a minefield that kills the little bastards. If you live somewhere its sub-freezing in winter, put your blankets in a trash bag each morning and put them out all day in the freezing cold.  Freezing kills them. You can sterilize your house by throwing the windows open and freezing your house out for a few days, sleep at your brothers or something.  They can’t take a freezing.

5. Internal, you need to get your immune system back, that is the root cause. That means lifestyle change to mostly raw organic veggies and fruits, no or almost no sugar or refined flours. Start drinking apple cider vinegar to alkalinize your system, eat organic lemons (at least one a day), drink green tea and rooibus and things like that.  (Bummer alert: I just found out that a lot of “organic green tea” is from China, and has high levels of heavy metals.  My research indicates that your best bet is to look for green tea from Sri Lanka, which has the lowest levels.)

Your immune system starts in your gut. Dirty gut filled with sugar-loving beasties kills your immune system. Since I started this my psoriasis started to clear up. At at least one clove of organic raw garlic a day, best is first thing in the morning with water and a spoon of org raw honey. Drink only distilled water, it is very detoxifying. Basically you need to study what detoxed, healthy lifestyle is. You are being literally poisoned every day with gmo, pesticides, crap like corn syrup (which is gmo.) Make friends with health nuts who know this stuff and do what they say (or at least research it.)

6. I make a concoction tea of neem leaf powder, green tea, half teaspoon of sulfur, raw org honey, and a couple of drops of neem oil. I eat lots of cayenne pepper and turmeric. Get these compounds in your bloodstream and keep a level of them there, and you are a walking critters repellent. The neem oil says for external use but I’ve been drinking this with no problem. It’s only a nut, the oil is made of the nut of the neem tree.

I pray for you. There is hope. Then when you can say yes to life again resolve to live your life for your fellow man, for God has put things on this Earth that can cure you for a reason. No longer worship Mammon (Money).   Go throughout your day joyfully serving and giving and enjoying your clear, itch free skin that you always took for granted. Truly God is great. If you have suffered you will know exactly what I mean.